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"Welcome to the New Upgraded Site"

We are giving the old site a major overhaul and bringing in a whole New fresh look and format

please be patient and we will get it all up and running , but as some of you know it sometimes takes alot of time to.........

work out the bugs and get all the info put in place.

"Performance"-The constant drive for more performance is ongoing it probably will not end, our drive to push the envelope is as strong as ever and modern technology is finally becoming present. I just wish I could say it was up to date, but the sad reality is H-D's are somewhat step children, to use a paraphrase. They always seem to get the latest technology about 10 to 15 Years after the rest of the industries. Go figure right!

"Dyno Guy"-Rolling Thunder Dyno as some of you know has had a long working relationship with Wildwood. If you are out at the Rally's or if they might be in your area we strongly suggest you visit them and see the great talent and experience they have accumulated. Speak with the Dyno Guy-"John Golden" and see what he might be able to do for your Performance. If you would like to check out there website to get more info on them or find out their schedule then take a look at:http://www.rollingthunderdyno.com

"H-D News"-Harley-Davidson releases "New" V-Rod Motorcycle

"Racing News"-Seasons over! We can't wait for next season cause we are gonna be having some "NitroFun"

Here is a link to the old site till this one is completed www.wildwood-performance.com

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